Wednesday, May 17, 2006


(5/17/06 - Sidney, OH) - MK Racing and driver Brandon Knupp announced today, that effective immediately they have decided to compete on a limited basis due to lack of sponsorship.

"This is something we were hoping we didn't have to announce." Said Mark Knupp, owner of MK Racing, "We are all actively seeking marketing help, we've basically been doing the ARCA deal out of our own pocket. We have had some local companies here in the Sidney (OH) area come onboard to try and help out as much as possible, if we could secure a couple of associate sponsors even on a race to race basis we could keep going but right now there hasn't been anyone step up and say they could help. I think if they realized how much it would benefit their companies it might be a different situation."

Driver, Brandon Knupp said today, of the announcement, "This is devastating to all of us, we keep trying to move forward but can't seem to get the right people to take notice. I'm doing pretty good in the Racin' For A Livin' voting, I just hope this doesn't effect that in any way. It's not like we haven't been actively pursuing sponsorship, it's just really tough out there, there are so many others doing the same thing and we don't have the resources to compete with the NASCAR "Cup" backed teams. I think we all know that a lot of sponsorship is based on the out of sight out of mind scenario and I don't plan on letting that happen. We might be cutting back but we're certainly not giving up." Brandon added, " If someone comes along and offers me a ride in the ARCA Series or another series for that matter, I'm going to have to seriously consider it."

Brandon and MK Racing will continue to seek sponsorship and marketing partnerships, but until something is found they will not be competing in the ARCA RE/MAX Series.

MK Racing would like to thank all of the friends and sponsors who have supported them in the past and once the right sponosrship is secured they can continue to benefit from their association.

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