Knupp at Daytona; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
Monday, February 13, 2006

Knupp at Daytona
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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(Daytona Beach, Florida - February 12, 2006) - After six days at Daytona it all came down to 13 laps. within those first 13 laps of the Daytona ARCA 200 Brandon Knupp saw it all. The Good was having an incredible car in the draft. The Bad was starting 35th in the qualifying line up. The Ugly reared it's head on lap 13 when Brandon was caught up with the spinning #39 of Danny O'Quinn.

"We didn't get a good qualifying lap, but we learned in "Happy Hour" that we were going to have a good car that was capable of drafting either way, in the lead or in the back and that's exactly what we had." said Knupp. "I think we were all disappointed with the qualifying run, but once we hooked up in the final practice everybody saw that we had a car capable of drafting to the front, we just had to hook up with somebody and stay in line to get there." added Brandon.

That's exactly what happened, once the green waved Knupp hooked his MK Racing Ford to the back bumper of the #46 of Frank Kimmel and headed to the front. Within the first 13 laps Brandon had charged through the pack from 35th to the 16th position, but the #39 got loose and spun to the bottom of the racing surface, darted back up the banking in front of the #96 leaving Brandon no room for avoidng the eminent collision. Knupp said, "I didn't really see what caused Danny to get sideways, but at the kind of speeds your running at Daytona when he came back up in front of me I had no where to go. I really hate it we had a great car and could have ended up with a strong finish, I mean we were hooked up with Kimmel and headed to the front, but I guess it just wasn't meant to be."

Brandon was credited with the 41st finsihing position in the Daytona ARCA 200 due to the incident.

The next on track activity for Brandon and MK Racing is an ARCA open test session at the Nashville Superspeedway on Tuesday March 28, in preparation for the PFG Lester 150 on Saturday April 15.

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