Hard Charger Brandon Knupp is making a name for himself in the motorsports world. From the lightning fast superspeedways of Daytona and Talladega to the long front stretch at Pocono Raceway to the half-mile high banks of the legendary Salem Speedway, to the 1-mile dirt tracks, the 19 year-old Ohio native is comfortable behind the wheel at them all.

Not only is Brandon making a name for himself on the track, he is also a media magnet, his "kid next door" attitude and appearance seems to draw the media. Some have stated it's like interviewing your kid brother. Brandon is making fans from coast to coast with his friendly, honest and articulate style. Just a few minutes spent with the former high school football player will turn you into an instant fan.

Don't let that "kid next door" look fool you. Brandon is all business behind the wheel of a race car and always has been since he first sat behind the wheel of his first go kart at age 8.
When he is behind the wheel he's totally focused, waiting for the right moment to get in front of the competition.

In addition to piloting the car, Brandon can be found under the hood or chassis of his cars. Knupp works on all of the cars he drives. Changing motors, performing driveline maintenance, replacing shocks... whatever it takes. Brandon is there for every aspect of the car. This is a big plus in terms of understanding what the car needs and communicating it to the crew.

Hailing from Sidney, Ohio, Brandon Knupp is a young man on his way to becoming a household name in motorsports.

At the early age of 8, he experienced racing for the first time competitively behind the wheel of a go kart, gaining valuable knowledge and experience. When he turned 15, he raced in midgets and sprint cars, eventually competing in the ARCA Lincoln Welders Truck Series. As his knowledge and enthusiasm for racing intensified, he set his sights on a full bodied stock car, racing in the ARCA RE/MAX Series during 2004 & 2005, where he was named the 2004 ARCA RE/MAX Series Hoosier Tire Hard Charger of the Year.

Driver: Brandon Knupp
Car: Ford Taurus
Residence: Sidney, Ohio
D.O.B.: 2/2/1986
Occupation: Race Car Driver
Marital Status: Single
Previous Racing Experience: WKA junior sportsman Division, Namars Kenyon
Midget Car Series, ARCA Lincoln Welders Truck Series


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